environmental philosophy

Sustainable fibers | European production | Low quantities

Gembiak ensure that our materials are sourced responsibly and our team take the time to create the perfect, long-lasting garment. We choose the highest quality and most sustainable fibers.

The foundation of our brand is the idea of combining beautiful, functional fashion with the high ecological standards, focus on European production and not compromising the design’s level. Fascinated by minimalism, modern art and the pace of modern life, we create projects settled somewhere between all these phenomena. We love the pulse of large cities and the empty spaces of wild landscapes. We value intellectual effort as much as the physical one.

Our design process is not only about aesthetics. It is extremely important for us to consciously choose producers, fabrics and associates. We are very proud that patience and time allowed us to deliver the product without compromise. We produce in small Polish sewing rooms, under the watchful eye of excellent patternmakers. The choice of fabrics, accessories, cuts – all of you have knowledge, lots of tests and careful selection. We are not perfect yet, but we do everything to make us better tomorrow.